Auto Build

About the bot

This is a freeware bot for the browsergame Grepolis. It helps you build your towns by creating an unlimited building queue. To help you gain more resources it is possible to attack the farmers on your island. 

Although I do my best making this bot undetectable there could always be some problems. Use it at your own risk. But there shouldn't be much problems if you don't run it 24/7.



-Unlimited building queue



Exit the Grepolis site if you have it open.

Start the bot. Make sure all files are in the same directory or sub directory as the bot. See picture below.

Click View->Settings to configure your bot. (At least your Name, Password and Server info.)

Click Actions->Login. Wait till the statusbar shows "|| Ready".

Click View->Army. Enter the number of units you want to use in battle.

(Repeat previous step for all your towns).

Click Actions->Start

Click on the "Build" buttons to add a building to the queue.

Go to View->"Army queue" to set the barrack queue and harbour queue.




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2 thoughts on “Auto Build

  1. Hello,
    i loaded it down and i unzipped it, but i don't know how to start that tool. There is no .exe File.
    Would be nice you could give me information, please.

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