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Grepolis online game


What is Grepolis


Grepolis is an online game of InnoGames. In Grepolis, the developers of Tribal Wars and The West invite their users to a journey in the Ancient Greece. Where you have to fight for defend your polis.


The polis

In the online game, you start in a normal island and you have to found a polis (town). The player have to focus himself to the expansion. Here in Grepolis Cheats we provide some stuff to help users in polis expansion. While he is expanding, the player have to join some alliance, that is the most important tip. You should wait for 1 or 2 weeks and (in new world) to see which is the best team.


Navy as Army

This is an epic game, with war in all the islands, all day, everyday. More than 3.000 islands belong to the country. The game present army fights and navy fights too. That is great.

So you need a navy just as much as a forceful army.


Gods Power

In the Greek mithology the gods are always present, in this game too.  Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Athena, Ades. They have special powers that will help users in many way. Defending, attacking, expanding. You should use all of them, in the period of expansion Hera will help you a lot. Zeus is more for attacks as Poseidon. 

With God power player can create special army.


So that is all. A small part of this incredible game.


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